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  Mballa Mendouga, Kari Hipsack |   Free |   01 Mar 2019 |   03:16 min |

Tune in to learn about emotional intelligence and how increasing yours can Improve all outcomes. This will help you learn how to read people and situations before acting.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Influence, Foundational
  • Management accounting: People: Negotiation & decision making, Foundational
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Foundational

6 Comments/Reflections

Stephen Cockle

Stephen Cockle Aug 2022

What competency did you develop?

I developed my levels of emotional intelligence, which enabled me to influence my fellow coworkers more successfully than I had been able to do previously

Development of this emotional intelligence enabled me to influence not only my fellow co-workers - but also other stakeholders within the organization

What can you do now - that you could not do before?

By looking at people's mouths (in addition to their eyes) when they spoke - I was able to quickly determine the congruence of their words - in terms of matching up to how they have said those words

This enabled me to more decisively read other people and situations (before acting). By being empathetic and putting myself into my coworkers shoes, I was able to pay attention in how my actions affected others. This greatly enhanced my ability to respond to emotions (not only my own - but also the emotions of others) 

I was able to come up with an increased range of strategies, of what I should say and what I should avoid saying

Did you meet your objectives?

Yes, I developed my levels of emotional intelligence

I personally witnessed more positive body language towards me - from my fellow coworkers

I personally witnessed an improved level of performance from my fellow coworkers, taking less time to complete the task - than I had allowed for 

What will be the wider impact for your team, your organization and your needs?

With technology improving at such a rate, it is conceivable that technology will automate much of an accountant's work

Now technology can remove the automated tasks of an accountant - but it cannot replace the emotional intelligence aspects of an accountant's work. Therefore emotional intelligence is going to be key in the future workplace.

Leaders will need to possess high levels of emotional intelligence to enhance productivity, enhance performance levels and enable their organization to succeed 

Christian Okafor

Christian Okafor May 2022

The presentation for me is like an introduction to emotional intelligence (EI) and there are more learnings to follow.
However, It has exposed an aspect of the work place that people take for granted not knowing that people's emotions actually affect their productivity at work.
A team leader should be able to understand and work around EI to ensure that employees actually put in their best and take breaks or off-days when they are not able to work.

Catherine Black

Catherine Black May 2022

Useful to determine future skill set of emotional intelligence due to automation.  Look into further articles on this.
Vijay Mistri

Vijay Mistri Sep 2020

This is an instrumental aspect when I communicate with potentially new clients and also existing standards.
In my coaching sessions, I have realised that empathy plays an important role.

There has been a slight change this year with the pandemic. More sessions are virtual.

Reflective from this learning, I would like to see how I can sharpen my emotional intelligence by reading through not only the verbal communication, but also non verbal.

This in turn helps me in ascertaining the messaging and the connectivity giving a stronger level of engagement and alertness.
Helen Smith

Helen Smith Feb 2020

I believe that I am very skilled in using my emotional intelligence in dealing with colleagues, friends and family.