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Watch your business language Logo cgma

  Julie Holunga, Lindsay Patterson |   Free |   16 Nov 2018 |   08:04 min |

Weak language you use in business interactions could be demeaning your value in the workplace. Here are tips to replace weak language.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Advanced

3 Comments/Reflections

Grant Franks

Grant Franks Nov 2021

This is a helpful short video on this topic and a good reminder to think about the business language you are using.
Lorraine Mears

Lorraine Mears Oct 2019

A great video which makes you think about the language that you choose to use when talking to clients and peers.  Enables being able to say or ask for something in the most effective way.
Karishmaa Shamdasani

Karishmaa Shamdasani Oct 2019

Listening to this short but very powerful video, I came to the realisation of how my business language could be reflecting on how I am perceived as a person. Thinking I am being polite could be coming across as weak, which is deifinately not been my intention.
I need to have a balance between coming across as too weak or too strong. Stop using words in my emails like "I just want to " or "Sorry to trouble you" which I do use a lot and start being more confident with my words. I understand now, if I want to achieve results, I need to be more sure of myself. If I do not have the confidence in my own words, how do I expect anyone else to trust what I am saying.