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The power of presentation Logo cgma

  Jill Schlesinger, Kimberly Ellison-Taylor |   Free |   14 Nov 2018 |   07:02 min |

How do you deliver the most convincing presentation? Be yourself, and follow these tips.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Intermediate

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Toh Goh

Toh Goh Jan 2021

You need to know your subject in depth and try to present it in a way the other party can take it in and understand fully. Put yourself in the other party's shoes and think of what is expected and how sensitive the information to be presented is. This way you will succeed in presenting the message and getting it through.

From my experience presenting is quite similar to explaining. If the subject is dry, always try to inject daily life examples so the audience can grab hold of it fast and relate to it.