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How to choose a cloud vendor Logo aicpa

  Jeffrey Streif, CPA |   Free |   AICPA |   14 Nov 2016 |   CPA Insider

This column offers basic information to help you determine your needs, as well as a set of questions you can use to assess potential cloud vendors.

Topics covered:
  • IT management & assurance: Technical: Information management: System acquisition, implementation & evaluation, Intermediate
  • Management accounting: Technical: Accounting information systems: Accounting information systems and digital technologies, Intermediate

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Stephen Gradwell

Stephen Gradwell Nov 2019

Cloud Services are going to become a basic factor of doing business in the future if it isn't already. Gone are the days of companies making major investments in Data centres and making large capital outlays for hardware.

Cloud Services give companies the ability to focus on what they do best, their business. No need to employ massive IT departments to manage platforms and patches. Transition will become key, taking your existing systems and placing them in the cloud. The ability, support and experience of the cloud service provider to assist with this is a crucial aspect to choosing a cloud service provider.