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The effects of cloud technology on management accounting Logo cima

  Professor Erik Strauss, Dr Gerhard Kristandl an... |   Free |   Jan 2015 |   Thought leadership

Advances in information technology have been noted as a key force in changing management accounting. Managers and boards continuously see advances in technology offering potential business advantages, but also raising issues and risks. This report focuses in particular on cloud computing. The specific objectives are:

  • To explore reasons why businesses adopt or do not adopt cloud technology.
  • To assess the extent of cloud technology use in finance, management accounting and similar systems.
  • To establish how cloud technology affects the provision of decision-making information – in particular information format and any change in the role of the management accountant in the provision of information.
Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Technical: Accounting information systems: Accounting information systems and digital technologies, Intermediate

11 Comments/Reflections

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell Sep 2018

Interesting article which I'm sure if the analysis and studies were redone in 2018 would likely see different results and a greater switch to cloud based technology given the many advantages, particularly for SMEs.
Graeme Morrison

Graeme Morrison May 2016

Interesting. It would seem that in my particular area of expertise, the cloud is definitely the way forward, but from a practical point of view it should not affect the actual work needing ot be done.
Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith Mar 2016

Article passed to IT I believe we are currently part using cloud but interesting to see how others perceive this.

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith Mar 2016

John Orcott

John Orcott Nov 2015

The wider impact is that cloud technology is here to stay and that more SME's will adopt the new technology despite security fears.  According to the technical experts in the article these are unfounded and the Management Accountant can go a long way and to reassure and educate others within the Finance Department of the benefits of using the cloud.