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7 communication tips for new tax managers Logo aicpa

  Samiha Khanna |   Free |   AICPA |   04 Jan 2016 |   CPA Insider

This article provides advice for effective communication during busy periods and throughout the year.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Employee benefit plan auditing: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Employee benefit plan auditing: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Governmental auditing: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Governmental auditing: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Financial accounting & reporting: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Financial accounting & reporting: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Assurance: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Assurance: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Not-for-profit: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Not-for-profit: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • IT management & assurance: People: Communication, Foundational
  • IT management & assurance: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Firm practice management: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Firm practice management: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Tax: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Tax: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Forensic & valuation services: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Forensic & valuation services: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Fair value measurement: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Fair value measurement: Leadership: Team building, Foundational
  • Personal financial planning: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Personal financial planning: Leadership: Team building, Foundational

3 Comments/Reflections

Chileshe Kangwa

Chileshe Kangwa Jun 2019

This article has given me insight on how to communicate with my subordinates with respect to giving feedback such as:

1.To quickly make follow ups when there mistakes to be corrected

2.To balance between positive and negative

3.Not to write an e-mail when angry

4.To give concise and to the point feedback

5.To give honest feedback without beating about the bush
Dengmei Xia

Dengmei Xia Dec 2017

Communicating with people is harder than handling data. However, as a department leader, I must to learn how to communicate with my subordinates for it is the most essential tool to building a strong team. This article tells me some tips helping me communicate with my subordinates better : get to know my team members, communicate in a variety of ways, be clear and concise, follow up quickly, balance the negative and the positive, write nothing when I am angry and admit when I am wrong.
Tendai Nyakurimwa

Tendai Nyakurimwa Sep 2016

This article makes it important to communicate with your staffers. It's also true that you need to know your fact members. It has encouraged me to perfect my relationship with my staffers.
I also intend to encourage others to admit if they have done something wrong. I have noticed it's not always easy for people to accept wrong doing.

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