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How Finance can become a better business partner Logo cgma

  Free |   2015 |   02:35 min |   CGMA Magazine

Finance professionals can become better business partners by listening, contextualizing, and translating strategy and performance for other parts of the business.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Collaboration & partnering, Foundational
  • Management accounting: Business: Business models, Foundational

8 Comments/Reflections

Ying Mao

Ying Mao Oct 2023

involve the business, listen to business partner and better understand business and make the analysis and build the report to show the performance and problems and transfer to the word the business partner can understand.
Ying Mao

Ying Mao Oct 2023

1. deeply involve in entire business
2. analyse the data and listen to business team's input and feedback, find the root cause of the result
3. use the language business can understand to communicate with them and guide the business solution and decision
Gianni Platia

Gianni Platia May 2021

A very brief summary of actions which any finance professional should be aware of to improve partnering skills.  Communication, listening to understand, building relationships & understanding the core business are all essential. 
Sungano Mutsvedu

Sungano Mutsvedu Mar 2020

The bigger lesson for finance people to become better business partners is to continuously develop listening skills,be involved in the whole business and create trust with business units so that when we tell the story from the number it will add value to the business.
Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson Jul 2018