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C corporation income taxation

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Based on the AICPA Competency Framework: Tax and Personal Financial Planning, these learning resources - primarily focused on US tax - are designed to help CPAs understand the knowledge and skills necessary to address the needs of their clients and firms.

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More R&D tax help

This article discusses the research tax credit.

Article Credits Intermediate

When Entity Simplification Is Not So Simple

Companies have many reasons to undergo reorganizations but should consider the effect E&P before undertaking these transactions. Learn more in this article.

Article Formation, liquidation & reorganization Intermediate

Uncertainty Surrounding Back-to-Back F Reorganizations

This article explains recently issued regulations on F reorganizations.

Article Formation, liquidation & reorganization Intermediate

Planning to Comply With the New U.S. Debt-Equity Requirements

This article focuses on the recharacterization and documentation rules including best practices to ensure both tax and financial reporting compliance.

Article C corporation income taxation Intermediate

Getting in shape for tax season

As CPAs and their staffs train and ready their equipment, they might add these reminders of what’s new and notable for 2016 returns.

Article Credits Intermediate

How to Document a Tax-Free D Reorganization With a Split-Off

This article presents a sample memorandum that can be used by taxpayers if the IRS challenges their treatment of a split-off D reorganization transaction.

Article Formation, liquidation & reorganization Intermediate

Final Regulations Clarify Definition of Real Property for REITs

The IRS issued final regulations clarifying the definition of real property for purposes of the REIT provisions as discussed in this article.

Article C corporation income taxation Intermediate

Rev. Rul. 2016-15 and the Uniform Application of Sec. 108 to QRPBI

This article explains a different application of Sec. 108 debt forgiveness for qualified real property business indebtedness ruled on recently by the IRS.

Article Income Intermediate

The Front-End Straw Man and the Build-to-Suit Exchange

A build-to-suit like-kind exchange usually requires a great deal of planning and may take some time.Learn more about build-to-suit arrangements in this article.

Article Tax computation Foundational

Complexities of Stock Deals in M&A Transactions

This article explains the possible tax benefits of taxable stock transactions.

Article Income Intermediate

Charitable Donations of Food Inventory

his article summarizes the regulations including the use of donated food, limitations on the deductions, and the opportunities.

Article Deductions Intermediate

Practical Documentation of QRAs for the R&D Tax Credit

This article explores qualified research activities (QRA) including providing an overview of the rules, case law, and a detailed case study.

Article Credits Intermediate