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Will Robots Take My Job? Logo cgma

  Clar Rosso |   Free |   23 May 2018 |   14 min |

This episode looks at how robotic process automation, machine learning, and AI are revolutionising our industry.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Coaching & mentoring, Foundational

1 Comments/Reflections

Gianni Platia

Gianni Platia Mar 2021

I found this to be a valuable discussion.  Planning for the future & considering the impact of automation on accounting roles can open opportunities which may not have been considered.
Clearly, this can be seen to be a Global problem for accounting professionals.
Having transactional tasks automated can clear time to focus on high-value work/ strategic focus which is unlikely to be impacted by AI due to the nature & complexity of work involved.
Human/People skills can also be developed as a barrier to protect against having certain roles made redundant by AI.  Empathy, relating to others, building internal relationships & most forms of stakeholder management will always require the human touch.