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How to build trust and collaboration Logo cgma

  Lea Hart |   Free |   AICPA and CIMA |   03 Oct 2016 |   CGMA Magazine

This article summarizes a panel discussion where panellists discussed ways in which their own organisations build trust and collaboration.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Intermediate
  • Management accounting: People: Collaboration & partnering, Intermediate

3 Comments/Reflections

Thushara Madurasinghe

Thushara Madurasinghe Jun 2018

An interesting article which includes aspects of communication within the workplace.
Kamfwa Mulenga

Kamfwa Mulenga Jan 2017

Through reading this article, the one new thing I have learnt is that assuming everyone has a positive intent at the start can go a long way in building trust and collaboration. More often than not, I tend to suspect that other employees may not be doing the right things inadvertently or not. As a result, that prejudice seeps through the way that I interact with them and consequently builds unnecessary walls in my work relationships.
Pauline Gordon

Pauline Gordon Oct 2016

Always bring positivity to meetings and never go with a bad downward view, even if you feel it is not going to help within the position there must be other positives that can come of the changes.