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Outcome costing: a significant advancement for determining public-sector effectiveness Logo cima

  Alasdair Macnab, Jill McNaughton & Falconer Mit... |   Free |   CIMA |   01 Dec 2015 |   Thought leadership

A key component in determining value-for-money, also known as cost-effectiveness, of an outcome is to know how much resource is allocated to its achievement. The strategic objective costing (SOC) model aggregates staff and non-salary cost allocations to calculate the total cost of an objective.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Technical: Cost accounting & management: Cost management, Expert

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Tauya Sithole

Tauya Sithole Sep 2017

The management accountant has insights into the complex cost issues of the business and should use their skills to simplify and explain and control this area of the business