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Digital skills

The SMART alternative to Big Data Logo cgma

  Bernard Marr |   Free |   AICPA |   25 May 2015 |

Lost in a sea of data that delivers no value? Bernard Marr, CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute, explains how to convert raw information into real business results.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Digital skills: Information and digital literacy, Advanced

4 Comments/Reflections

Richard Leary

Richard Leary Aug 2018

Gregory Engelbrecht

Gregory Engelbrecht Jan 2016

I been looking at our big data all wrong and trying to develop systems and reporting to handle tonnes of our data. 

Should have just stepped back and asked the question of what we were trying to achieve. All the data was there and I knew how to get the results. 

Have completely changed my view and this a massive step forward. 

Truth in being lost in the detail!

Jamie Keir

Jamie Keir Dec 2015

Big Data can be a big black hole if not used in the right way and can also be a drain on business resources.  I like the sense of identifying business needs and then using the data for this rather than setting out to look at a lot of data with no expectation of what the outcome may be as the article touches on.

Stephen White

Stephen White Dec 2015

This articles highlights the pitfalls of rushing straight into big data using it with the sole purpose of enhancing profitability. It shows the beneifts of stepping back and applying the SMART model — strategy, measure metrics and data, apply analytics, report results, transform your business. I will be able to make a more valuable contribution to big data by pointing out this methodology stressing the importance a collaborative approach where the results are shown on a 1 page infographic. This uniformity will stop the suspicion that the info is slanted in favour of person A or prject B. The overiding point for me here is to stress to my colleagues & managers that we must collect all the data we need to pursue our strategy not all the data that is out there.