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The extended value chain Logo cgma

  Naomi Smith ACMA, CGMA, FRSA |   Free |   aicpa |   2014 |   02:40 min |

CIMA's Head of Policy Research, Naomi Smith ACMA, CGMA, FRSA, discusses the extended value chain and how changing business environments affect the way businesses manage these.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Business: Strategy, Foundational

3 Comments/Reflections

Eamon McPeake

Eamon McPeake Jun 2018

Useful particularly for organisations who have a growing social media presence and who discount heavily to try and attract new customers. This can also be tied to reputation as article states "76% of compamies are prepared to lose short term profit to protect long term reputation."
Bipin Hathi

Bipin Hathi Jun 2018

Helpful insight into how companys view the supply chain issues in terms of reputational risk and understanding the risks against profits and how many CFOs are putting risk as more important against short term profit gain. 
Bipin Hathi

Bipin Hathi May 2018

Useful clip to highlight a CGMA role in identifying risks in the supply chain and in particular managing that risk in a world of electronic data and social media.