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The boardroom and risk: Report Logo cgma

  Free |   Centre for Tomorrow's Company |   May 2013 |

The Boardroom and Risk, a report and toolkit from London-based think tank Tomorrow's Company, shows how boards can better understand their risk exposure and make sure their organisation is as resilient as possible.

In the last few years boards have become increasingly aware of the need to effectively manage risk. But even with this renewed focus, boards may be blind to some key risks or fail to understand them as deeply as they need to.

Research has identified a key group of risks that go beyond traditional risk management analysis. In an ever more complex business environment coupled with increasing expectations of corporate behaviour, it is vital that boards are able to address strategic risk issues.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Technical: Risk management & internal control: Risk identification & assessment, Expert

1 Comments/Reflections

Andrew Pugh

Andrew Pugh Apr 2018

In order to achieve Quality Regulation Compliance, the identification of risks and their mitigation, is a vital role of our senior management team.

This report helped increase my understanding and awareness of the subject.

we have since applied this knowledge in order to identify and mitigate risks which may effect the orgainisation, and achieve the latest Quality Certification.