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Based on the CGMA Competency Framework, these resources allow you to focus on technical, business, people, leadership, and digital skills. All areas are underpinned by the need for ethics, integrity and professionalism. Log in and start learning today.

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Leadership skills in an AI world

Motivation expert, author, and speaker Sophie Bennett describes the ways leadership skills need to change in today’s technology-enabled workplace.

Article Driving performance Advanced

Leadership is about people, not just profits

Because of the digital revolution and higher levels of competition, companies are required to be continuously one step ahead of their game. Building strong teams is...

Article Team building Advanced

A framework for becoming ‘future fit’

An innovative finance professional offers a practical guide for preparing for finance’s digital future.

Article Coaching & mentoring Advanced

“Beyond Maslow: The New Motivations" with Sophie Bennett

Five new motivation types that reveal how ordinary people tap into their deepest internal motivations and achieve extraordinary things as leaders.

Audio Motivating & inspiring Foundational

"Staying Relevant As Machines Get Smarter" with Maneesh Juneja

Why “Will The Robots Take My Job?” isn't the question we should be asking.

Audio Change management Foundational

"Unleash Your Peak Performance" with Sarah Elliott

It's time for a new approach. Move from time-management to ENERGY-management, minimising burnout and maximising our impact.

Audio Motivating & inspiring Foundational

How to shine when you work remotely

Telecommuting doesn’t have to hurt your career. Here are ways remote workers can avoid being forgotten in a virtual environment.

Article Coaching & mentoring Advanced

“Ride The Innovation Curve" with Dr. Martin Farrar

What a century of history can reveal about the profession's tradition of innovation in the face of technological transformation.

Audio Change management Foundational

How managers can foster initiative

It’s more effective for leaders to foster initiative amongst their team, so individuals can decide for themselves when it makes sense to ditch the playbook in service...

Article Motivating & inspiring Advanced

Finance Transformation: Manage Disruption Certificate

The Manage Disruption Certificate covers the evolution of finance in organizations by focusing on why and how the business environment is changing and how the finance...

Course – Online Business models Foundational

Keystone habits for professional success - FM

For professionals, keystone habits, good or bad, are important because they affect productivity, mood, concentration, and relationships.

Article Motivating & inspiring Intermediate

How management accountants can make partner - FM

Armed with skills in finance, management, and strategy, management accountants are uniquely positioned for leadership roles in accounting firms. Partners in global...

Article Coaching & mentoring Advanced