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  Anastasia Uglova |   Free |   Sep 2021 |   FM magazine

Looking for creative ways to challenge yourself within your current job can improve your skills, boost the business, and grow your career opportunities.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Influence, Advanced
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Change management, Advanced

7 Comments/Reflections

Abdul Shaikh

Abdul Shaikh Jul 2023

Uma Rajah (Sunthararajan)

Uma Rajah (Sunthararajan) Jun 2023

This was an interesting article in trying to see how others perception about yourself can be improved at a time when the role may not be challenging. The reverse mentoring certainly is a very practical way of learning by employees from various levels of the organisation. 
Donatus Bosuh

Donatus Bosuh Jun 2022

The reversed Mentoring caught much of my attention. Am beginning to appreciate these articles. let's see how it goes.
Marian Lakshika Fernando

Marian Lakshika Fernando May 2022

Novel ideas are important for a workplace to grow. Successful companies like Google has allowed it's employees to spend a considerable amount of time on innovation. It has helped the company to achive its corporate organizations. It is important that brainstorming sessions are held regularly in the team so that novelty can be devloped instead of been bogged down in typical operational work which has inefficiencies and drawbacks.
Rhoda Le-Tallec

Rhoda Le-Tallec Mar 2022