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7 requirements for interim reporting — FRC guidance Logo cgma

  Oliver Rowe |   Free |   May 2021 |   FM magazine

The Financial Reporting Council’s review of interim reports highlighted the need for a better explanation of balance sheet movements.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Technical: Financial accounting & reporting: Financial reporting & compliance, Advanced
  • Management accounting: Technical: Management reporting & analysis: Management reporting, Advanced

3 Comments/Reflections

David Johnson

David Johnson Aug 2023

This was a useful brief reminder of the requirements of good interim reports. Incorpoating these into the management packs can provide valuable information to senior management and can also help to highlight any changes to risks earlier to allow for strategy planning and implementation. 
Alison O'Meally-Watson

Alison O'Meally-Watson Feb 2023

  • Financial Reporting competency due to the impact of Covid 19

  • I can now discuss the 7 guidance points that the FRC gave on reporting on interim impairment that are usually given at the year-end reporting stage including focussing on material disclosures especially on balance sheet movements and statement of cash flows and reporting on them clearly;y and concisely.
    I did meet my objectives to help users of financial stagtments undertsand the implications of any disclousres on the furture of the business
Alina Butkevic

Alina Butkevic Mar 2022

Concise explanation of material impacts as well as going concern risks to be explained. As well the basis of analysis and what was taken into consideration.