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Anticipate Greatness: Building a Productive, Resilient Workforce Logo aicpa

  Karl Ahlrichs |   Free |   AICPA |   08 Jan 2019 |   Personnel/HR |   AICPA Store
Learning Objectives
  • Identify key techniques for hiring high performers
  • Recognize key indicators of a hire's long-term success
  • Identify what motivates a high performing team
  • Identify key characteristics of a strong employee/employer relationship
  • Recognize the core values that are most highly valued across all generations

In Partnership with Business Learning Institute (BLI)

When it comes to hiring, using a conventional hiring process may not be as reliant as flipping a coin. A coin flip may often be better because it would bypass a lot of hidden biases and inefficient processes. We need to get back with a clean sheet of paper and do it better.

In this webcast, we will look at improving a process that is deeply flawed. We will look objectively and outside the box at things we can do to identify and hire high performers.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Driving performance, Intermediate